Kristan's Personal
Dog History

The Real Digger

Sir Brendan Braveheart
(he came with that name, I swear)

Derry, frequent guest 

Willow the Cute

Huck the Respected


About the Dogs

   I’m completely incapable of not loving dogs. Yes, yes, cats have their own charms—they’re snuggly (much of the time) and more dignified (unless they’re hanging from the curtains). But I’m a dog person, and so most of my books have a dog in them, just because I think life without a dog is pretty lonely to contemplate.

FOOLS RUSH IN: Digger, Black lab mutt, utterly devoted to his owner. Fictional Digger enjoys dancing and Cheetos and running on the beach.

CATCH OF THE DAY: Colonel, noble and aging Golden Retriever. Enjoys lying on beds, rolling in dead things, peanut butter.

JUST ONE OF THE GUYS: Buttercup, half hound-dog, half bull mastiff. Enjoys men and belly rubs, frequent napping and pizza.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Dog: Angus McFangus, West Highland terrier. Enjoys eating trash, chasing raccoons, world domination.

THE NEXT BEST THING: Fat Mikey (Cat). Enjoys instilling fear into the hearts of mice, eating on the dining room table and snuggling with the upstairs neighbor.

ALL I EVER WANTED: Bowie, Husky mutt. Enjoys bacon and pulling Callie on her bike. Angie: purebred Irish Setter. Enjoys perfection

MY ONE AND ONLY: Coco, Chihuahua/Jack Russell. Enjoys manipulation and travel. Considering work as FBI profiler or chasing tennis balls at US Open. 

UNTIL THERE WAS YOU: Dog: Shilo, Great Dane mutt. Enjoys sitting on laps and eating cheeseburgers. Not fond of UPS drivers. Cats: Meatball, Sagwa & Jellybean: Enjoy terrorizing dog and plotting evil as well as cuddling on chilly nights.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE: Beauty, English springer spaniel. Enjoys saltwater swims, flowers, children. 

THE BEST MAN: Blue, a goofy Golden retriever with a crush on the hero's leg. Enjoys ratty tennis balls and snuggling.

THE PERFECT MATCH: Spike, a rescued Yorkshire terrier with a Napoleonic complex. Enjoys destruction and world domination.

WAITING ON YOU: Rufus, Irish wolfhound. Fears thunderstorms. Loves sitting on laps and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. 

IN YOUR DREAMS: Dog: Sarge, a German Shepherd puppy. Enjoys Squeaky Chicken and being adored. Cat: Lazarus. Semi-feral beast. Enjoys terrorizing living things.